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  • No more fear or burnout; instead having healthy boundaries.
  • Opportunities and momentum to achieve your financial dreams.
  • A life where you can share your unique gifts and talents.
  • A safe space to work that aligns with your values.
  • An aligned career path and life that connects to your authentic self.
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Hi, I’m Ann Marie. As your holistic Career Coach, intuitive Life Guide, and trusted Mentor, I bring 25+ years of successful expertise in the field. This includes talent acquisition leadership, recruiting, diversity, equity and inclusion advocacy, career coaching, astrology, and researcher of consciousness. I am honored to share that 17,000+ people have secured their career of choice through these combined efforts. 

I am committed to helping those in career and life transitions connect to themselves, connect to what’s next, and connect to what’s possible. As a lifelong connector, this is my life’s work. Through sage advice with a cosmic twist, heightened awareness, a stellar structured process, and co-creation of a soulful strategy, you will regain clarity to create a purposeful life that brings out your authentic self. Learn more about me here.

Possibility doesn’t just happen. You need to consciously set intentions, design desired goals, and develop the positive mindset and soulful heart space to open yourself up to more possibilities. Together, these create a career and life that allow you to become your best self.

Possibility is possible!

Don’t worry about taking this journey alone. All of my work is customized to each individual.Yet the stellar guidance with sacred tools for transformational results, along with an online community remains the same.   

Your whole life can change in one year – make this the one!

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The possibility to achieve the impossible is possible.

− Ann Marie Borgardt

I am grateful and honored to have helped so many people over the years with their career. Here are some testimonials sharing the experiences and results people have had while working with me.
Happy Woman
Happy Man
Happy Woman
Happy Man
Enough about me. Hear how others, just like you, discovered and began to live their awakened vocation.
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Ann Marie - everything is possible.

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